Future Forming Technology

With this year's motto, WAFIOS will present trendsetting high-speed technologies that enable productivity leaps in manufacturing, as well as revolutionary production processes and automation solutions.

Exhibibition Program

Torsion Spring Coiler
FMU 20+, FMU 32+

Spring coiling machin
F 30, FUL 16, FUL 26+ with iQ, FUL 26 with XTS, FUL 36+ 4speed, FUL 126

Tension Spring Coiler
ZO 16

Wave Spring Machin / Ring Coiling Machin
SNA 26


Single-Head Wire Bender
BM 43 HS, BM 60 with RU 60


Multiple-Head Wire Bender
BMS 50


Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine for Smooth Steel
R 36


Wire Bending Machine
BM 36 HS with robot


Spring end Grinding Machines 
G 450 Double plate, combined with BÖHM RZ 6.4


Tube Bending Machine
Hot Bend 35 for plastic pipes
RBV 60 R
RST 28
BMZ 12

Tube bending center


Production for Hairpins
FMU 40 E


Customer Service
FMU 2 Retrofit


Tool Center
Tool solutions for compression spring coiling, torsion spring coiling, wire bending and tube bending machines.

  • Modular set of tools MBS for wire bending machines from the BM series.
  • New tool concepts for large spring coiling machines.
  • New coatings and materials for reducing set-up times and set-up work in the spring coiling process.
  • Tool concepts for bending plastic tubes.


Intelligent maintenance
The "connectavo – Digital Assistant“, an intuitive software for the maintenance of machines and machinery systems enables intelligent maintenance processes. Maintenance work orders can be digitally created and problems can be digitally solved by means of an easy-to-use mobile app. Thus downtimes can be reduced and operating processes can be optimized.


Our IoT team, known for their work on "Smartfactory 4.0", presents a standardized, open system to enable complete machine networking. Furthermore, possibilities for machine-machine communication, for communicating with a higher-level main control station or to the Cloud will be shown.


Cold Former
HC 4
with new, innovative parts output.


EWMenn, the specialist for thread and profile rolling machines will present their new, digital machine assistant
iQ – Setup Assist: The easy-to-use and product-specific set-up help that can be operated by the push of a button; and iQ – OEE Monitor: The machine data acquisition assistant for process evaluation. From their current range of machines, EWMenn will present the AF 141 high-speed thread and profile rolling machines with flat dies.


End Forming with Short Cycle Times
The new RU12 compact from WAFIOS Tube Automation ensures maximum flexibility in tube end forming operations with short cycle times. The machine will be exhibited at the show for flexible use, both as standalone and cell solution. 


Tube Bending Machines
RB 20


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