#springcoiling #springendgrinding

  • High-speed production of extension springs with the ZO 26

  • The »plus« for your production – Unlimited programming of the FMU+ at external programming station

  • Flexibility for wave springs and rings, the SNA 16 stands out due to its graphical programming function and pre-installed programs

  • 4speed” Technology – Higher production speed and enhanced quality of compression springs

  • Preview and first digital information on FUL 126 and FUL 226

  • Modular automation kit for additional operations for the wire and spring industry

  • World first in spring end grinding technology: G660 dual plate with new automatic loading unit for square springs with L/D ≤ 1.


  • World first: For the first time, the Eco and TopBend 35 tube bending machines offer the possibility to retrofit a single-head bending machine subsequently to a full-fledged right-/left-bending machine

  • Automatic feeding in of tubes - Automatic removal of tubes from unsorted bundles via the RVS 2

  • Robot bending - Unlimited production of complex tube systems equipped with attachment parts and flexible elements while meeting highest requirements

  • Compact tube forming - Space-saving solution for individual tube ends

#wirebending #straightening #chains

  • The dual-head wire bending machine BMS 50 for large wire diameters up to 10 mm and shortest straight sections

  • New chamfering technology for wire bending machines and straightening machines

  • HighSpeed family – The BM 36 HS and BM 43 HS impress with application-oriented adjustments

  • Revolutionary - Shorter tooling and set-up times due to servo technology in the KEB 4.2 and KEH 5.2

  • iQmstraight – In-process straightness control of straightened rods

#tools #services

  • More possibilities – The Modular Bending Set (MBS) – The tool box for more than 1,000 tool combinations and every bending requirement

  • New coating solutions for longer tool lives

  • Retrofit for sustainability - Update your FMU 1

  • Rotatable coiling inserts (RCIs) also for smallest wire diameters

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